Our strength does not depend on quantity, but on quality and unity of members

SAE-Phil Founders

Alumni Chapters Abroad

While membership is primarily attained during college days, members usually find themselves longing for the unique camaraderie and genuine friendship when they leave the portals of their alma mater.

Today, numerous alumni chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Philippines have been established around the globe.

Membership Expansion

From its exclusive membership that only accepts agricultural engineering students, the fraternity expands its membership to include qualified sophomore college students, regardless of their academic discipline. The academic standard, however, remains the same: members are expected to maintain a very satisfactory standing while actively involve in the socio-civic activities of the fraternity.

We fondly call our organization as ΣAE, pronounced as “Sa-eh”, which obviously refers to our fraternity, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Philippines. On the other hand, we also call our members as “Epsilonians.”

Gene Baquilid, Co-Founder SAE-Philippines